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Vince Rapisura 914: Marketing for social enterprises

Topics: (1) Customer experience; (2) Customer journey map; and (3) Product sales strategy

0:00 Introduction
5:59 Customer experience
9:17 Stages of consumption process
17:54 Customer service
19:28 Benefits of customer service
24:20 Customer care activities
25:36 SEDPI social microfinance personnel incentive and reward system
30:20 SEDPI social microfinance service delivery
32:17 Learning Wealth book customer review evaluation
35:38 Elements of customer care
36:33 SEDPI social microfinance delivery environment
38:22 SEDPI social microfinance SWEPP delivery promise
46:39 Customer journey map
48:03 Benefits of making a customer journey map
49:22 Steps in creating a customer journey map
49:49 SEDPI social investments customer personas
1:00:25 SEDPI social investments touchpoints
1:05:52 Sample customer journey maps
1:12:08 Product sales strategy
1:12:51 Marketing effort levels
1:18:02 Transactional versus relational marketing
1:19:57 Push and pull sales strategies
1:21:46 Developing a sales strategy for social enterprises


Sources of information and practical tips on money management

Different kinds of investments

Preparing for retirement

How are articles on retirement

  1. 10 Commandments of retirement
  2. Mga kinakatakutan ng retirees at paano ito paghahandaan
  3. Magkano ang matatanggap mong SSS pension upon retirement

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