Usapang Pera: Mga Tips sa Pagyaman with Venus and Vince talks about money matters available online through Rappler and Vince Rapisura”s page. The show tackles money issues such as savings, loans, budgeting and investing among others. It reaches out to people who would like to understand more about managing their personal finances.

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1: Pera at Pag-ibig

Venus receives a letter from her nephew asking for gift for graduation. Vince discusses the importance of controlling once emotions when deciding on money. He provides three definitions of love that could be used as guidelines when coming up with financial choices. Venus is enlightened. She opens a savings account for her nephew as graduation gift and encourages him to immediately look for a job.

Episode 2: Bad Debt? Get out of it!

Vince cuts credit cards to the surprise of Venus. He claims that a lot of people ran into bad debt due to credit cards. They discuss about strategies on how to get out of bad debt and warning signs that tell you that you are overusing debt.

Episode 3: Money at rest, Invest!

Venus flips through a magazine that showcases beautiful furniture and houses. She asks Vince whether a house is an investment or not. Vince explains what an investment is and let’s Venus use the definition whether her house is an investment or not.

Episode 4: Helping Others Financially

Vince and Venus looks at a picture when Vince was in Hong Kong with his family. Venus mentions how Filipinos are close to their family and even in financial matters, we save our family members from problems. Vince explains what one must have to be able to help others financially and how to help them in other ways when one has not met these conditions.

Episode 5: Financial Self-Test

Venus is looking through an online shopping site but Vince stops her and tells her that one must know first their personal financial standing before spending money on shopping. He then asks Venus five assessment questions to know her standing. Venus is surprised at her result.

Episode 6: Working Abroad

Vince just finished talking online to his friends abroad. Venus notices that there are a lot of Filipinos all over the world and he agrees. He explains a term called migration process which defines the stages of working abroad. Vince then gives tips on how to shorten the migration process.

Episode 7: Financial Stages

Venus tells Vince that she likes plants. Vince compares growing a plant to one’s financial life stages. He first differentiates active and passive income, and then explains its connection to the stages. Each stage has a corresponding age range as a guide to know which stage a person is in.

Episode 8: The 5-15-20-60 Rule

Vince brings a cake for their merienda later. He tells Venus that he is using the cake to explain budgeting. Venus admits to Vince that she does not budget her money. When she needs to buy something, she just buys. Vince then explains to her the 5-15-20-60 budgeting rule and what it means.

Episode 9: Avoid Investment Risks

Vince mentions that in high school he was a champion in scrabble. Venus on the other hand was a champion in oration. He asks Venus that if she were to play a game of scrabble with him, will she bet? Venus answers a big no. Vince explains that in taking risks, we usually go for where we are more familiar. He then adds that in investments, there are also risks. He defines the three categories of investments and the three kinds of risks in investing.

Episode 10: Good Utang versus Bad Utang

Vince defines what a debt is. He also differentiates a bad debt from a good debt. Venus asks him if using a credit card is a bad debt . He then quizzes Venus on the different kinds of debt and gives her tips on how to make good debt.