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SEDPI inks partnership with SSS to bring social safety nets to low income groups

“SEDPI believes that the marginalized sector should be the first to enjoy the benefits of government services,” Vince Rapisura, SEDPI President, said in a statement on the occasion of its Memorandum of Agreement signing with the Social Security System (SSS). “Our partnership with SSS will realize this so that low income groups will benefit from social safety nets of the government,” he added.

Social Security System (SSS), a government-owned and controlled corporation, provides social security protection to all self-employed persons and other qualified Filipino workers against hazards of disability, sickness, maternity, old age, death and other contingencies. In May 2019, SSS signed a memorandum of agreement with SEDPI to intensify the coverage of workers in the informal sector. SEDPI is now accredited and authorized to receive and screen non-collection and collection related transactions for SSS.

 Members and their families are now provided easy and convenient access to SSS services through SEDPI. Previously, the service was extended only to regular and associate members of SEDPI, as well as their family members, who are at the same time self-employed or voluntary members of the SSS. With the agreement, non-SEDPI members can now also course their voluntary contributions to SSS through SEDPI since it is an authorized collection agent of the institution.

 SSS promotion thru SWePP

The Social Welfare Protection Program (SWePP) is the consolidated market-based and indigenous microinsurance and social security program of SEDPI which aims to provide security and financial safety net to members through adoption of various insurance schemes. With the agreement making SEDPI a collection agent, SSS now becomes one of the social security programs under SWePP. Through SWePP, SSS is further promoted to communities and individuals.

Membership to SWePP is open to Filipinos of legal age. Interested individuals should fill up an application form to become SEDPI members. Once filled up, SWePP services could be offered to them. The forms are available online or in SEDPI offices. These are also available during SWePP orientation programs in community gatherings and events of SEDP.. 

SEDPI members who avail of SWePP may course their voluntary contributions to SSS through SEDPI. It will also assist members in processing claims or benefits from SSS. 

SSS promotion to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

As part of SEDPI’s commitment to promote SSS to marginalized sectors, the organization conducted training events with SSS representatives locally and abroad. Approximately 1,500 microenterprises attended training events promoting SSS in Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur. Abroad, around 2,230 participants, mostly domestic helpers, attended training events promoting SSS in Macau, Abu Dhabi, Dubai Doha, Bahrain, Egypt and Singapore. Recently, a series of trainings promoting SSS was held in different countries including Bahrain, Qatar, South Korea, Egypt, Spain, and Switzerland, where around 1,730 OFWs attended.

Most of the events abroad were in collaboration with the Philippine embassies, consulates, Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA). The events became an opportunity to encourage Filipinos to patronize SSS and realize the benefits it offers.

Milestones and prospects on SEDPI’s partnership with SSS

At present, more than 800 individuals are registered with SSS through SEDPI. Their contributions amount to more than PhP390,000.

Last June 2019, SEDPI conducted training among its staff on the implementation of its SSS service. Targets on SSS registration were also set during the training.

SEDPI looks forward to registering and making its members, especially OFWs and microenterprises, to become active members of SSS. With its 8,500 member microentrepreneurs and 500 member OFWs, it plans to register at least 3,000 of these member-clients and investors to remit a total of PhP1.0 million in contributions 2020. 


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