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Golden girl seeking advice to retire by 55

February 1, 2020



Hi Sir Vince,

Thank you for doing what you do. You are opening the minds of many Filipinos and making us aware about money management.

I will go straight to my query.  I am turning 50 this year and hopefully, want to retire by 55.  Currently, Nandito po ako sa Abu Dhabi. I am single and only giving to my mother (She is a strong & independent 83yrs old ️). I am targeting for 50k pesos monthly income,  for living expenses and health insurance.

I just want to ask where and what is your recommendation to save up for retirement.  Yung May matatanggap ako to replace my monthly income when I retire.  I am single and my priority when I retire is health insurance and my monthly allowance to live (A comfortable life lang po and nothing lavish).

God bless you more.

Warm regards,


February 28, 2020


Hi Janet!

Just a quick note.

If we use Pag-IBIG MP2’s 7% return, to retire with 50K monthly passive income, You would need a portfolio amounting to approximately PhP8.5M. You have five years to your target retirement age. This means you need to save an average of approximately PhP143K monthly. This is the safest investment retirement you have since it’s 100% guaranteed by the government and provides annual dividend. Risk factor is whether Pag-IBIG could sustain giving this dividend rate in the coming years.

Another way is to invest in real estate so you can have rental income in five years. In my estimate a good rental property produces PhP10,000 monthly rental income for every million of investment. So for PhP50,000, you roughly need PhP5M in capital. This is lower than our Pag-IBIG example above but carries with it more time and effort. You also bear construction risk and deal with occupancy rates. For the real property, you need to save PhP84K a month and allow for 6-12 months for construction and marketing.

These two are my favorites for retirement. There are definitely other strategies. For more information and resources:

Good luck!

Sir Vince


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