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Financial Literacy sessions with Maritime students with PTC-CSJ Foundation

Social Enterprise Development Partnerships, Inc. (SEDPI) partnered with PTC-Carlos Salinas Jr. (PTC-CSJ) Foundation to deliver Financial Literacy sessions to Maritime track students potentially becoming seafarers and overseas workers in the future. PTC-CSJ Foundation is the social responsibility arm of Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC), one of the largest manning and crewing agency in the Philippines.

Muntinlupa National Highschool – Tunasan Annex Sessions

The first leg of the sessions was conducted last August 13 to 15, 2019 at Muntinlupa National Highschool – Tunasan Annex, Muntinlupa City. Each day, a total of 50 senior high school (SHS) maritime track students participated in the whole day sessions, totaling 150 students for the whole 3-day activity. Copies of books (L)earning Wealth: Successful Strategies in Money Management were distributed to the students.

Mr. Mariel Vincent Rapisura graced the event and gave a discussion on the value of saving and managing wealth.

Mr. Mariel Vincent Rapisura discussing the importance of Financial Literacy for teens

Three guests speakers who are alumni of Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (LSE) course of Ateneo de Manila also graced the event. Lilian Salas, Analyn Bontilao, and Cath Ramos are both former OFWs. Lilian works as tour guide in Italy while Cath is a former domestic helper in Hong Kong. Analyn is also a former OFW who started her own business in the Philippines. They all shared their experience of hardships in managing finances abroad and the benefit of doing financial management for their families in the Philippines.

The event was also attended by Ms. Flory Tabio, executive director of PTC-CSJ Foundation. She discussed the things that PTC-CSJ do in order to promote seafaring as a professional career and the care they do for Filipino seafarers across the globe.

Attendees of the session for Day 1 at Muntinlupa National Highschool – Tunasan Annex (MNHS-TA)

Students of MNHS-TA with speakers Lilian Salas and Cath Ramos for the 2nd day of event

Participants for the 3rd day of session at MNHS-TA


Malayan Colleges Laguna Sessions

Financial Literacy sessions were also conducted at the Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) with Maritime track students under the College of Maritime Education and Training (CMET) as part of their College Week 2019 last September 24, 2019. The SEDPI team who delivered the sessions are Hector Manuel Jon Brizuela, Senior Program Officer of SEDPI, Lilian Salas, Cath Ramos, and Marco Tan, aeronautics engineer and financial literacy enthusiast.

The whole day session was attended by 200 BS Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering Students. Ms. Flory Tabio of PTC-CSJ Foundation was also present at the event. Prof. Edgardo Geguiento, Dean of CMET gave the opening remarks and explained the urgency of understanding financial literacy in the context of the maritime profession.

A total of 200 copies of (L)earning Wealth: Successful Strategies in Money Management were also distributed to the students.



Ms. Flory Tabio introducing the work of PTC and PTC-CSJ Foundation

Group Activities were conducted in aid of Financial Literacy Discussions.

Screen banner welcoming SEDPI Foundation for the Financial Literacy sessions.

Welcome screen banner for the SEDPI team. (L-R) Marco Tan, Cath Ramos, Lilian Salas, and Hector Brizuela


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