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How a Filipina climbed the corporate ladder in Singapore

By October 7, 2018 Business, OFW

Sir Vince: Hi Melrose!

Melrose: Hi Sir Vince!

Sir Vince: You are now the head of Pan Pacific and Park Royale Service Suites here in Singapore. It’s a mouthful. So how did you climb the corporate ladder?

Melrose: I actually graduated with a degree of Psychology, so basically I worked in the hospitality industry for the past 18 years. Basically, it takes a lot of passion. And at the same time, I am really very committed.

Melrose: So kung ano yung job that I have to do I really have to ensure that I deliver yung good quality not the mediocre one, because it reflects on me. I define pa-“bibo” kasi as somebody that you want your presence to be felt in the positive manner.

Melrose: Because of the quality of work that you deliver, so definitely your bosses would be able to recognize that. And then from there, they would really have that idea in mind, ahh… this person has that potential.

Melrose: Pa-“bibo” in a sense na hindi naman siguro yung sip-sip ba tawag doon?

Sir Vince: Right!

Melrose: I think a lot of people have that connotation you need to have like network or kakilala for you to go up there. It’s really your effort; your results that they manage to see you in you and the potential.

Sir Vince: I think yung network o yung kakilala will only go so far. Maybe it could bring your foot inside the door pero after that, it’s your—

Melrose: Bahala ka na, di ba?

Sir Vince: So thank you very much Ms. Melrose, I really, really learned a lot from this conversation with you. So mabuhay po kayo!

Melrose: Thank you, Sir Vince. Good knowing you as well.



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