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Beauty and Investment Tips ng Isang Filipina Flight Attendant sa Dubai

By August 11, 2018 Investments, OFW

Alamin natin ang sikreto sa pagkakaroon ng beauty, brains and INVESTMENTS ni Mae G. Mendoza, isang Filipina flight attendant based in Dubai.

Sir Vince: Hi, Mae!

Mae: Hello! Hi, Vince! 

Sir Vince: Kumusta?

Mae: Ay, welcome to… to Dubai. Mabuti naman.

Sir Vince: Okay. Thank you.

Mae: I’m so happy to see you again. 

Sir Vince: So, speaking of Investhusiasts, can you tell us more about that?

Mae: Okay. So, Investhusiasts is actually a breeding ground for the passionate people who really want to take charge of their finances. So, if you really want to learn about budgeting, saving and investments as well. Pero alam mo, neutral siya. Walang binebenta sayo, it’s just pure learning. With Investhusiasts, this becomes your school, it becomes your learning partner to know more about this. So, we also conduct free events care of Project Noah, si Allan Calumpang, who’s also our partner. We traveled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and we will also be going to Fujairah. So, we do this every month.

Sir Vince: Right. 

Mae: So, para siyang basic finance session on budgeting, saving and investments as well. So this is free. Pero meron naman tayong mga paid events din at a minimal fee. 

Sir Vince: Right. How do you make sure na ang isang investment ay hindi scam?

Mae: Okay. So, sa Investhusiasts, what we really empower the attendees ‘no is to make sound decisions first. Kasi minsan, when you have the money, ang bilis lang bitawan. 

Sir Vince: Right. 

Mae: Before you even try to invest on somebody, learn what it is. For those who are interested with investments, before you even get into it, kailangan may pera ka, be willing to learn. Do your research, do background research. Ask people you know and minsan madali lang magtiwala. 

Sir Vince: Right.

Mae: But not all people have sincere motives. 

Sir Vince: Right. 

Mae: And then also, Vince, it is important to be with like-minded people.

Sir Vince: Right.

Mae: Kasi minsan, may maririnig ka lang na magandang investments but at least, you get to reconfirm from other people as well. 

Sir Vince: Right. 

Mae: It’s good to have a checklist din ‘no? If the… the checklist already says, “Wait, it’s a red flag.”

Sir Vince: Yeah.

Mae: Don’t do it. 

Sir Vince: Right.

Mae: Sometimes, a lot, ang daming mga investments, if it’s too good to be true, most probably it is! 

Sir Vince: It is. Right. Totoo.

Mae: So, be self-empowered to make the decisions yourself. 

Sir Vince: Right. Iwas tayo sa instant gratification and practice delayed gratification.

Mae: Exactly!

Sir Vince: Okay. Last question Mae. 

Mae: Yes, ano yan?

Sir Vince: Paano ba maging sing ganda mo?

Mae: Ayun! Ano, kasunod lang ako sayo Vince. 

Sir Vince: Ah wow!

Mae: Matulog. Uminom ng maraming tubig. 

Sir Vince: Okay. So, matulog po tayo at uminom ng maraming tubig. Paggising natin, woosh! Kasing ganda na ni Mae. Ako po si Sir Vince dito sa Dubai nagsasabing ang pagyaman, napag-aaralan. 


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