SEDPI Payment Channels

The following are the payment channels you may use for the following transactions:

1. Pay for webinar or training fees

2. Deposit to your SEDPI wallet to do the following:

  • Invest in a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) or Joint Venture Savings (JVS)
  • Pay for PhilHealth, SSS or Pag-IBIG contributions
  • Pay for membership fee
  • Pay for share capital

3. Donations for advocacy drives and disaster risk mitigation programs of SEDPI


a. Go to Pay Bills
b. Select loans in biller category
c. Select SEDPI
d. Place your full name in the account name
e. For the account number Type: SEDPI072121
f. Type the relevant transaction the payment is for (sri joint venture/org, membership fee and share capital, wallet, document processing fee etc.)
g. Place the amount you are transferring
h. Place your email address

BDO Online

a. Go to Pay Bills
b. In “Pay this company/biller,” choose billers not requiring enrollment
c. Scroll down and choose SEDPI Development Finance Inc – PHP.
d. Under remarks, type the relevant transaction the payment is for (sri joint venture – org; membership fee and share capital; wallet; document processing fee etc.)
e. Place your name under subscriber name.
f. Under subscriber number, type SEDPI072121

BPI Online

Enroll SDFI as biller in your BPI online account via BPI website (not BPI app):
a. Log in to BPI Online (website, not the app) and go to “Other Services.”
b. Select “Manage Recipients.”
c. Click on “Add new recipient” and Select Biller as the type of recipient.
d. Type SEDPI under biller and “SEDPI Development Finance, Inc. SDFI” should appear in the drop down menu. Select this.
e. Input your reference number which is SEDPI072121
f. Click “Next” and then click “Confirm” to confirm the details of your enrollment.
g. You will receive your One-Time PIN (OTP) via your registered mobile phone in BPI. Enter the OTP then select “Submit.” SEDPI/SDFI should already be enrolled as biller.

Once done, click enrollment done below. Remit via BPI online biller (website or app).

a. Go to Payments/Load and select Pay Bills
b. Under Pay To, select SEDPI or SDFI as it appears in.
c. Under notes, write the relevant transaction. (e.g. membership fee and share capital; or the SRI code you want to participate in)
d. Click next. review your transaction and then click confirm.

If successful, click remittance done for next instruction.


For ECPay partners, inform the partner merchant that the biller is SEDPI under loans category in their system. ECPay partners include pawnshops, drugstores, groceries etc. – look for the ECPay logo in their premises.

LBP LinkBiz

a. Go to
b. Click Pay Now
c. Select SEDPI Development Finance, Inc. from the Select Merchant Dropdown menu. Then click continue to proceed.
d. Select Client Investment from the Transaction drop down menu.
e.  Enter the amount, reference number, name, payment mode and LBP account number in their respective fields. Use this reference number: SEDPI072121
f. Enter the captcha challenge
g. Click I certify that I am at least 18 years old and have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions.
h. Click continue upon reviewing payment details
i. Enter one time password
j. For JAI, select ‘0″ for individual accounts; and use “1” or “2” for joint accounts
k. Click submit


a. Go to Pay Bills
b. Select Loans
c. Select SEDPI
d. Input your account number which is SEDPI072121
e. Place your name under account name
f. Click next. Review your transaction and then click pay.
g. Input one-time password. Then confirm.

Direct bank deposit

A deposit validation fee of PhP100 shall apply to deposits made through direct bank account deposits.

Please contact us through the following so we can provide you with the bank details that’s ,ost convenient for you.

Landline: +632 7000 0855
Whatsapp/Viber: +63 995 423 0830

Once you made the deposit, login to your SRI Online account and click INFORM DEPOSIT to submit your proof of deposit for validation and assign the funds to your chosen SRI or JVS.

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