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Organizational appraisal: Agrarian reform beneficiary organizations

SEDPI is working with the Department of Agrarian Reform to build the capacity of agrarian reform beneficiary organizations (ARBOs) on microfinance and microenterprise development. The first part of the intervention is to create a baseline performance of ARBOs that will be the basis in identifying capacity building interventions.

SEDPI’s proprietary organizational appraisal tool will be shared to the participants. There is also opportunity for participants to engage in short term consulting with SEDPI for the program. For this activity, SEDPI waives the registration fee (worth PhP5,000) and will provide free meals to social development workers who intend to participate. They will also receive a certificate from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Know more about SEDPI Development Associate Program.

To apply, fill out the SEDPI Development Associate Form.

Check Capacity Building Opportunities for SEDPI Development Associates.


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