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Money tips for fresh graduates and their parents

Rupel Agatha Lei C. Gabriel, graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in Business Administration magna cum laude, together with her parents

by: Florence Adviento

“Bukas wala na kayong baon.” (Tomorrow you will no longer get an allowance)

This was the opening of wealth expert, Vince Rapisura, in his message to 800+ graduates of ABE International Business College on May 17, 2017 at the Philippine International Convention Center.

Rupel Agatha Lei C. Gabriel, graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in BA Magna Cum Laude shared her feelings on this day. “Medyo anxious po kung ano yung mga next na tatahakin ko. In the future ano yung magiging endeavors natin na syempre makatulong sa atin para maging successful tsaka stable sa buhay.” (I’m a bit anxious about the next stage of my life. In the future, what will be my endeavors that will help me be successful and stable in life.)

What is the secret to success?

800+ graduates of ABE International Business College at the PICC

How do the estimated one million graduates ensure success in an economy of 6.6% unemployment rate%?

“There are four ingredients”, Rapisura said. “Apat na K iyan – Kaalaman, Kakayahan, at Kakilala (these are knowledge, skills, and network).

“Dapat meron ka nung tatlong ‘to kasi kapag dumating yung pang-apat na ingredient at wala ka nung tatlo, hindi yun mangyayari.” (You should have those three. If the fourth ingredient happens but you don’t have the other three, you will not succeed.)

“Ano yung pang-apat? Kapalaran or Swerte. Hindi ka daratnan ng swerte kung wala kang alam, kung wala kang kaya, kung wala kang kakilala.” (What is the fourth ingredient? Luck. You will not be able to take advantage of l if you have no knowledge, skills, and network.)

“So you have to build these three to be able to take advantage of luck or swerte.”

Graduates like Gabriel could take with them knowledge, skills, and network they got from their schools. ABE International Business College aims to produce not only leaders in the business world, but also techno entrepreneur professionals. These individuals are taught and trained to be responsive to the needs of the global community and to be strategic thinkers.

When one enters the workforce he or she should take the advantage of widening one’s knowledge, skills, and network, especially in one’s field of interest.

Rapisura, who had a knack for entrepreneurship at an early age, got employed first to familiarize himself of the ins and out of the industry he wants to put up a business in.

Road to financial freedom

Rapisura delivering his commencement speech to ABE International Business College graduates

Rapisura encouraged graduates to seek financial freedom. By age 31, even if he stopped working, he was already set. He is currently 38 years old.

Part of Gabriel’s plans was to save up for her future. This can help her with emergencies but not with her retirement. With below 0.25% interest rate in regular savings account, her money will have less value in the future given the current inflation rate of 3.4%.

So how did he Rapisura do it?

“Nagtrabaho muna. Tapos yung pinagpapaguran ko inilalagay ko sya sa mga businesses that would create passive income to achieve financial freedom. (I worked. The money I earned from work or active income, I invested in businesses that would create passive income to achieve financial freedom.)

Passive income are earnings even without working. Examples of passive income are dividends, interest income, capital gains, rental gains, royalties, and pension.

Parents have a role in guiding their children in handling their finances.

Rapisura urged parents to practice tough love on their children by saying, “Right after graduation dapat putulin ang allowance ng mga anak kung ayaw niyo maging dependent ang mga anak sa inyo.” (Right after graduation, parents should cut their financial support to their children if they don’t want them to be financially dependent.)

Vince Rapisura is a graduate and currently a teacher of Ateneo de Manila University. He also took his Masters in Entrepreneurship in Asian Institute of Management. He is the Founder and President of SEDPI, a group of social enterprises that are into training research, consulting, financing, publishing and real estate development.

Read Rapisura’s personal finance guidebook entitled “(L)Earning Wealth: Successful Strategies in Money Management”. Watch his online talk show, “Usapang Pera,” with various celebrities in.

Follow Vince Rapisura on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.. You may also send your  email at info@vincerapisura.com or ask a question on messenger.


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