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(L)Earning Together: Stock investing and coop share capital investing

Webinar title: (L)Earning Together : Stock investing and coop share capital investing


  • Determine investment purpose and evaluate readiness for investing, choosing between stock market and cooperative share capital investments to align with financial goals. 
  • Explore stock investing strategies focusing on index funds, cost averaging, dividend-paying stocks and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to diversify portfolio and optimize returns
  • Describe the fundamentals of cooperative share capital investing, including the nature of cooperatives, share capital, and social investments, and analyze the comparative advantages of cooperative investments over traditional stock investing
  • Evaluate and select strong cooperatives for investment using the COOP-PESOS framework and understand the steps involved in becoming a cooperative member and investor
  • Discuss societal and systemic barriers to cooperative investment awareness and support, and propose strategies to increase visibility and understanding of cooperative models.

Course Description:


Embark on a comprehensive journey through the realms of cooperative share capital and sophisticated stock investing strategies with our detailed webinar. This course will provide a deep dive into various stock market tactics including index funds, cost averaging, and dividends, while also exploring the structure and benefits of cooperatives and share capital. Learn how these investment avenues not only align with your financial objectives but also support social and environmental initiatives.


Participants will be equipped with the tools to analyze and select strong cooperatives using the COOP-PESOS framework, understanding their potential for higher financial returns and societal impact compared to traditional stock investments. The course also tackles societal barriers to cooperative investment awareness and proposes strategies to enhance their visibility.


By the end of this session, you’ll have the skills to navigate both stock market complexities and cooperative investments effectively, ensuring your portfolio supports sustainable growth and community well-being. Ideal for investors aiming to diversify their strategies while enhancing their impact on society.



(L)Earning Fee:

  • PhP1,000 for SEDPI Coop KaSosyo members
  • PhP2,000 for Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card holders
  • PhP10,000 for non-members
  • FREE if you apply as a SEDPI Coop KaSosyo member

Webinar Delivery

  • Online via Zoom
    • Date: June 7, 2024
    • Time: 8:00 to 10:00 PM, Philippine Time
  • Online course via Canvas


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