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(L)Earning Together: Productive Use of Loans to Increase Wealth

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Webinar title: (L)Earning Together: Productive Use of Loans to Increase Wealth


  • Distinguish between personal and systemic factors for over-indebtedness and craft actionable points to address both
  • Apply appropriate financial products (loans, savings, insurance and investments) to finance income generating assets, needs and wants, and emergencies.
  • Enumerate and explain the principles of ethical financing where people, not profit, comes first
  • Use credit card properly to avoid paying interest, avoid spending more and maximizing rewards
  • Strategize on how to lend money to ensure 100% collection and preserve goodwill

Course description:

In “(L)Earning Together: Productive Use of Loans to Increase Wealth,” dive deep into understanding how loans can be a powerful tool for wealth creation when used responsibly. This webinar aims to distinguish between the personal and systemic factors contributing to over-indebtedness, offering practical solutions to mitigate both. Participants will learn to apply financial products—loans, savings, insurance, and investments—to finance income-generating assets, meet needs and wants, and prepare for emergencies. Discover the principles of ethical financing, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing people over profit, and explore innovative strategies such as capital infusion through co-ownership and profit-sharing mechanisms that ensure equitable risk distribution. Learn the smart use of credit cards to avoid interest, control spending, and maximize rewards, alongside strategies for lending money that ensure 100% collection while preserving goodwill. The session will also cover the critical roles of government in providing financial education, consumer protection, and implementing policies against predatory practices. By focusing on increasing financial literacy, advocating for educational reforms, and exploring alternative financing models, this webinar equips participants with the knowledge to navigate the financial landscape effectively, leveraging loans for productive purposes and contributing to a more equitable economic system.

(L)Earning Fee:

  • PhP1,000 for SEDPI Coop KaSosyo members
  • PhP2,000 for Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card holders
  • PhP10,000 for non-members
  • FREE if you apply as a SEDPI Coop KaSosyo member

Webinar Delivery

  • Online via Zoom
    • Date: March 9
    • Time: 8:00 to 10:00 PM, Philippine Time
  • Online course via Canvas


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