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Investing is a critical part of personal financial management, but it can be a daunting task for many. This blog post seeks to guide you through the principles of setting financial goals and managing risk tolerance effectively.


Understanding Your Investment Purpose

The first step in investment is identifying your individual and family objectives or life goals. It is crucial to match your investment purpose with the right investment product. Your investment decision should be primarily driven by purpose and NOT your risk appetite. Whether you are a risk-taker or risk-averse has very little relevance. Your investment should align with your life goals.

Consider your investment like a custom-made suit. When you consult a tailor, your initial instructions revolve around the occasion for which you need the dress. In the same vein, your investment should be tailored to fit your financial objectives.


Understanding Risk in Investment

No investment is risk-free – even those that are government-backed. Although the risk is often minimal in such cases, scenarios like a war or government overhaul can impact such investments. The key is to balance potential returns with acceptable levels of risk, keeping your life goals at the forefront.


Investment Diversification Strategies

To manage risk, diversification is key. Here are some popular strategies:

Socially responsible investments: These investments focus not just on profit, but also on the impact on society and the environment. The idea is to support sustainable projects that don’t harm the environment or community which ensures business continuity.

Asset allocation: This strategy involves distributing your investments across different types of assets based on your financial goals. For instance, you might allocate funds to various channels like MP2, SSS, coop time deposit and share capital, real estate, retail treasury bonds or retail dollar bonds.

Peso cost averaging: By investing a fixed amount regularly regardless of market conditions, you reduce the impact of market volatility.

Rebalancing: This strategy involves adjusting your portfolio periodically to maintain your ideal or preferred asset allocation, thereby aligning your portfolio with your financial goals.

Investing in low-cost diversified funds: Mutual funds, UITFs, or Index funds provide instant diversification at a low cost. They expose you to multiple asset classes and reduce the impact of fees on your overall investment return. This is similar to SEDPI Coop joint venture savings.

Diversifying across industries and sectors: Spreading your investments across different sectors of the economy can mitigate risks associated with a specific sector.


Investment strategy and financial goals match

The key to successful investment is to match your investment strategy with your financial goals. Your risk tolerance is secondary. Even if you are a risk taker, you shouldn’t gamble your money intended for your emergency fund, education of your child, building a house etc. in the stock market or cryptocurrencies. To achieve your life goals, the investment diversification strategies mentioned above should be part of your financial toolbox.

Remember, the goal of investing is not just to grow your wealth but also to secure your future, your family and for future generations to come. Be a smart investor and make sure your financial decisions are well-aligned with your long-term objectives.


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