Ok ba talaga ang VUL para sa estate taxes?

I repeat, estate tax is a mechanism to re-distribute wealth through our national coffers. Sana din po ay huwag niyo masyadong i-spoil ang mga heirs ninyo if you reach this level of wealth.

So if we were to compute extate tax in the figures given in the “Paanong mas maliit ang fund value ng VUL kaysa sa BTID” at “Ok ba talaga ang VUL kasi protected ka nito beyond 65 years old compared to term?” articles, ito po ang kakalabasan sa estate tax ng BTID.

The table clearly shows that even with estate taxes, you still are ahead financially with term insurance.

Heirs who are still dependents, is a different story. Pero kung may dependents ka pa, mas sulit pa rin ang term insurance kaysa sa VUL. Read “Insurance 101” in my blog. This section of my blog debunks a lot of myths that the heavily profit-oriented insurance companies are promoting.